ِDena Holding

Dena at a glance

Dena Holding and its subsidiary companies, a knowledge-based, manufacturing, engineering and commercial enterprise that relies on years of experience of its engineers in the field of information technology in electronic payment systems, social commerce, cyberspace and content production, industrial automation, electrical, instrumentation and smart systems, operates and has completed many projects in this regard.

  • Electric and Electronic Systems
  • Industrial Automation and Instrumentation Equipment
  • Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Electronic Commerce
  • Smart Cards and Card-based Approaches
  • Content and Social Commerce


We are always researching the needs and challenges facing humanity, and as pioneers in the field of ICT, we will take steps. By setting long-term goals and utilizing the potential of different branches, we have multiplied our strength to find or create a solution for every need or challenge, and therefore, we will always remain proud, unwavering and as invincible as Mount Dena.

Mission and Values

Through research, development and innovation, we have long been able to provide suitable products and solutions for the problems and challenges in the ICT field. Future research and prudence have led us to inquire and investigate future technology and businesses so that with hardworking, creative and committed colleagues of the Dena family, we can always be loyal to our customers and create a bright future for the people around the world.

Rahpooyan Andisheh Dena
  Since 1384, Rahpooyan Andishe Dena Company, as the first and oldest company of Dena Holding, has had the mission to distribute resources and power among the group members in a balanced way, and to ensure agility and independence ...
Rahpooyan Hooshmand Dena
  Rahpooyan Hooshmand Dena Company is responsible for managing the technical, engineering, production and commercial affairs of precision instruments and industrial automation, and it must expand and upd‌ate its range of services ...
Almas Card Dena
  In accordance to the vastitude of the smart card industry and the needs of the country's market, Almas Card Dena Company was established with the intention of meeting the needs of current projects in Dena Holding as well as target ...
Dena E-commerce
  Dena E-Commerce Company has been operating since July 2013 with the mission of working in the field of electronic commerce, smart systems, software projects and electronic payment systems, and it is supposed to provide technological ...
Lalehayeh Vazhegoon Dena
  Lalehayeh Vazhegoon Dena Company, one of the subsidiary companies of Dena Holding, started its activities in 2015 with the mission to produce content and launch and manage social business, cyberspace, social media and information ...