Carry cash, in the form of exchange or currency has problems and risks for many tourists. These problems are due to their temporary positions and frequent travels that these may occurs issues such as lost, stolen and abused them. The basic problem today is change of cash for services and commodities. Lack of change in purchases, invoices and lack of money is always a problem for sellers and buyers, that they can solve these problems with cards. Improving health standards is as well as the considerable benefits of this project. In this scheme, tourists or pilgrims can visit Dena stands, at entry points and other places considered in the cities to convert their exchange to Rials as bank card.
Besides, tourists can, the other unique features of the design include:
  • Get a prepaid SIM mobile phone
  • Receive messages based on each transaction
  • Accident insurance and freight
  • Using denapay shopping centers and getting special discounts
  • Possibility to convert Rials to exchange when leaving the country