denapay is a payment method without physical contact (Contactless) that allows customers to make easy payments and no need to drag the card or put it in the machine. Customers can easily use denapay card on denapay terminals, their account information directly transmit to the terminal for transactions process via the same network reception. In a fraction of a second after their card inserts at the terminal customers will receive their payment confirmation.
denapay has a contactless chip inside the card, which it can process the payment account information via associated antennas.
The potential benefits denapay:
- Faster transactions and high turnover:
• Faster than cash;
• Faster transmission at peak business times;
• No need to be signed or encrypted;
• No need to print, sign or preparation of paper receipts;
• focus on sales rather than trying to find changes.
- No need to paper cash:
• Reduce the cost in each transaction such as the preparation of cash, security and transportation costs.
- Reduced operation costs:
• Less depreciation of equipment (no contact);
• No need for paper receipts for payments with low amounts (unless the customer requests).