How Kiosk work :
  • This product has some features such as order bread, shifting, issuing invoices for customers and sales reports, view and calls for bakeries to provide the ordered products.
  • Customers using cards, citizen cards and bread cards are able to afford bread.
  • The client can buy bread in the shortest possible time, without any paper cash.  Saving time and lack of change are not only advantage of using this proposal; it can prevent disease from transferring cash and coin. Also this prepares health products for customers.
  • The customer just by pressing some keys can buy his bread; he can do his other works and comes back for gets his bread, without any queue and waste of time.
  • Bakers can view customer orders and arranges his schedule for cooking.
  • Bakers can take advantage of the above products to sell recharge cards and the bread for the revenue.
Capabilities and facilities of the Bakery kiosk
  • Ability to order bread
  • have ability to queue and call
  • Invoice for citizens
  • Report of sales
  • Pay with Shetab cards and Bread card