Taximeter: M4- RN1089
This Taximeter has industrial LCD with optional feature such as display advertising messages. The device is also equipped with a built-in mini-printer and to produce customer bills; moreover, device can be connected to accessories such as GPS, electronic payment and card reader, wireless modems, GPRS and SMS as well.
Note: If you do not need internal printer can easily model M4 - WP has all the above features but without printers.
Taximeter: M5-RN1089
This product has been reduced to exports and the quality of its LCD has been improved. This Taximeter is designed to communicate via Bluetooth and other communication media such as GPS and GSM. This device can easily send to the center.
Taximeter: M6-RN1089
This Taximeter has colored TFT LCD and touch Screen technology that it can do all of features of Taximeter plus GPS; moreover, it can show movie, music and map as well. This device is equipped with the latest processors in the world and easily to set printers, POS (to use credit cards, prepaid cards such as Metro, etc.) or taxi sign roof.