POS - (Point Of Sale) device is installed in malls and city shopping centers to replace physical cash with electronic cash transactions from the customer account to merchant card account (seller). POS does this action by connection to central server.
Different kind of POS:
  • Wireless POS - Connect via wireless
  • Countertop POS - connection via LAN / Dial up
  • Pin Pad
  • Mobile Payments
This company is the exclusive agent of NEWPOS and has ability to provide all products such as card readers and various receptors and that is equipped with GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi and .... along with technical support and after-sales service.
The company has expertise in SDK; therefore, this can develop your requests in the shortest time and with the highest quality and has prepared most banking applications.
Reader capabilities NEWPOS:
  • Ability to read contactless cards;
  • Ability to work with standard Mifare, Desfire;
  • High reliability and security of transactions;
  • Ability to promote and rescheduling for new cards;
  • warning alarm;
  • Ability to connect to the Taxi meter and AVL by the serial port;
  • has one year warranty and five years after sales service.