Introduction-self-ordering kiosk
The self ordering kiosk includes a set of hardwares and softwares which supports the Windows operating system that is used for ordering and calculating based on customer’s submitted orders and referring the orders to the relevant unit to be prepared and delivered to the customer and it also makes it possible to pay the order amount through the electronic system under the SHETAB network without the need of cashier. The kiosk is equipped with a touch screen, printer and POS (Point Of Sale). It also has the ability to get connected to a scanner, play music and video and can be installed as a floor stand or wall mount kiosk. The body of the kiosk is made of durable metal. This can be provided in various colors to match with any type of decoration and interior environment.

• Registering Fast Foods and restaurants orders
• Purchasing cinema and theater tickets
• Information and exhibitions pavilion guidance
• Getting the turn, paying for a visit or surgery to clinics and hospitals without having to go to the reception and cashier
• Purchasing train tickets in railway stations
• Registration in sports clubs, stadiums and pools
• providing discount bills in shopping malls or stores
• To use as a self ordering kiosk in the stores
• Paying bills and buying credit