Digital Systems
The main task is to break a sound signal (analog signal) into zero and one digits. The system is able to correct any errors that are encountered when sending and receiving; therefore, this improves quality of voice in communications systems. Digital phone is an advanced product. Perfect quality of voice on this phone is designed to make the appropriate voice can be heard even in the busy environments. Technology used in this phone is avoided fatigue ear and headache.
Digital phone 4223
Three-row graphical display includes revolving basis is provided for users to adjust the phone in different lighting and environmental conditions. Programmable buttons provide quick access to some specified services. High quality hands free are equipped for full duplex communication; thus, the phone is a suitable option for telephone meetings. You can also use a headset connection directly and it has toggle for handset. The phone can be equipped with 1-4 additional key panels
  • The phone can be equipped with 1-4 additional key panels
  • Adjustable three-row display
  • Support two font styles (large and small)
  • Support for additional character sets for future
  • Four soft keys for selecting the menu
  • 10 functions keys with LED
  • Two directions hands-free
  • Internal headset port
  • Support for the selective unit
  • Ideal for paperwork, for example, secretaries, managers, executives and ......
  • Stylish design with adjustable screen and light
  • Avoid headaches in the long conversation
  • Ability to manage and view lines
  • The ease of transfer talk
  • The possibility of establishing a conference call
  • Ability to set the phone to transfer calls to other internal or automatic mode (FWD)