E-Commerce Dena Company has started to work for e-commerce and electronic payment services to preserve international standards of electronic payment services in infrastructure, by using modern tools  since Tir 1392.
In this regard, a team of experienced professionals in the field of IT by creating a specialized supply chain, to manage and reserve of knowledge has attempted to develop e-commerce industry. The company could design and generate various project in the area of electronic card project (physical, software) with the supply and use of sale terminals based on the international standard for companies and organizations that these are based on the needs of the applicant is defined.
  • Software production for electronic payment systems
  • Denapay e-wallet provider with the ability to pay Offline
  • Equipment and parts required banking projects, such as smart cards, contact and contactless, SAMCARD, and magnetic cards. . .
  • E-commerce and Web-based sales systems
  • Commercial banks and electronic payment terminals
  • Intelligent systems in the fields of transport, schools and offices, gyms, recreational and welfare
  • New smart card contactless payment Offline
  • Cooperate with banks and PSP companies to produce electronic payment schemes
  • Provide value-added systems (VAS)
  • Design and implementation of customized software under the Web, Android, IOS
  • Creation of original ideas in the field of IT and transforming them into new commercial products