Rahpooyan Andisheh Dena Company was born in 1384 as the core of Dena Holding. This is only manufacturing company of the group. Furthermore this has three production lines, a suitable storage space and professional after-sales service that this can support other companies of the group.
Rahpooyan Andisheh Dena Holding is proud to his following inventions:
  • Single-channel and four-channel Taximeter with printer;
  • Universal remote control units;
  • Repeater station with single channel, power supply and basic digital controller;
  • Monitor and control of the swing cable;
  • Electronic cash.

Areas of activity:
  • Taximeter;
  • Tracker (AVL) and a intelligent transportation system;
  • Power supply;
  • Special sign roof with various dimensions and features;
  • Repeater;
  • Electronic payment terminal for particular application;
  • Information Kiosk;
  • Voltage adaptor with different voltage (for banking center, etc.);
  • Assembly line for other electronic devices based on customer orders;
  • Support and after-sales service Dena Holding products;
  • Repair different types of POS and electronic payment terminals.