Dena Holding, based on religious beliefs and human capabilities in order to improve and promote their collection, at national and international level, are proud to their reference to underlying organizational decisions are based on the following fourteen principles and these are inspired by the holy number fourteen.
These Principles Include:
  • Reverence and customer-orientation
  • Honesty, transparency and discipline
  • Respect and trust
  • Justice and equality
  • Research and Development
  • The rule of law and accountability
  • Meritocracy and use of expertise
  • Restore and preserve national resources, financial and human resources
  • Culture and usage patterns of historical, cultural and religious
  • Excellence in the regional and international levels
  • Unity, commitment and loyalty
  • No abuse of position
  • Confidentiality and integrity
  • Respect the family
Our vision in the Dena Holding is to provide services to customers, based on knowledge, innovation and exceed customer requirements and based on a better understanding of their needs. Furthermore we have constant revisions in our attitudes and performance to provide the highest quality service for our customer.
We believe our success is depended on the success of all people that work with us and Dena is associated with them; hence, we want to create an environment in business that customer, partner, family, investors, suppliers, and social and economic institutions, working with us call this relation a success and want to create a stable cooperation relationship and linkage to Dena forever.
Dena has stridden toward that this started yesterday and is here today and it hopes to have
brilliant results and highlights for its large families in business, national and international level tomorrow. Moreover it will cause higher levels of our country's honors and excelled in various fields towards. / Mohammad Reza Naderi, Director.