Dena Holding, a set of knowledge-based, manufacturing, engineering and business that rely on years of experience of their engineers in the field of electronic payment systems, information technology, industrial automation, electrical, instrumentation and communication systems and have been operated several projects in this regard to do. Capability of performing all procedures of design, procurement, installation and training in projects is one of major attributes of our company.
Business Areas:
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Insurance services, stock exchange and electronic banking
  • ICT and e-commerce
  • Oil, gas and petrochemical
Some Facilities of the Group:
  • A professional R & D design team and technical experts;
  • The ownership of industrial property registration office design for electronic cash (denapay);
  • A suitable space with production lines;
  • Realization of Intelligent Transportation Systems and installing over 30,000 taximeter;
  • NEW POS agency for merchant banking and professional supports;
  • Professional After-sales service with local firms in most major cities.