Repeater Station with Voice: RN1102-B2
This device has been designed by digital basics and for special box easily installs into the 19 inches rack; moreover, it can be used with different wireless panel.
Due to limitations on frequency bands of wireless network and the car wireless connection in different regions with different frequencies is practically not possible.
Therefore a switching system is required to be able to connect two network channels with different frequency and band. It may be a fast and easy solution.
This device is a repeater or switch to receive and transmit signals from a station to another station. Furthermore, this Repeater Station can do this operation in half duplex and full duplex and with ability to sel‌ect target station in predefined matrix form. On the other hand, this can generate alarms via voice for some predefined warning as thermal or attach.
This device port reports its situation of station and can generate alarms on the selected channel; moreover, it can scan for receiver and send suitable signal according to the received channel.